Kindle Fire at USD 199. What does it mean?

Posted by Carlos on 30th September 2011

Big news this week, huh? We are convinced that Amazon’s announcement of the US$ 199 Kindle Fire Tablet is a major milestone for the mobile industry.

The combination of a tablet device which costs 60% (!!!!) cheaper than its main rival, supported by  the strongest cloud-services offering that any company can deliver, not only represent a threat for the iPad itself, but is a direct attack at Apple’s weakest component of its almost-perfect eco-system: iTunes.

This launch also confirms the (already obvious) trend that indicates that multi-touch tablet devices are the future of media consumption. Two years from now we’ll probably be talking about powerful media devices at less than US$ 100! How exciting that can be! This means unlimited access to the web, movies, music and all sorts of other relevant content, from k-12 education to top-notch academic papers, as well as the ability to compare prices and buy from any device at any time… All of that for less than US$ 100!? And considering the fast pace of adoption of 3G networks and Wi-Fi access world-wide, finally technology will be able to make an impact almost anywhere! Imagine how democratic this can be!

Needless to say, this is great news for all of us at Panarea Digital.  Our mission here is to create innovative mobile tools that transform and improve the way people learn and work… So, with the right technologies making an assault at the educational world at US$ 100 or less, how can a printed textbook be priced at US$ 150?

No doubts that challenge in the years to come will be to develop the right technologies and content to make a smooth transition into the connected classroom…

And that’s why we’re here for!


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