Tablets in public schools in the Northeast of Brazil

Posted by Rosario on 14th December 2011

Authorities launch the project in PernambucoAuthorities launch the project in Pernambuco

At least three Brazilian universities adopted the use of tablets in classrooms in 2011. Unsurprisingly, various private high schools in Brazil did as well. One of these schools, located in Brasilia, went as far as to add tablets to the list of mandatory student materials for 2012.

The government of Pernambuco, which is located in the northeast of Brazil, declared that the state education department will propose the purchase of 170,000 tablets (a total expenditure of $170 million Reais) to be distributed among the students in their second and third year of public high schools in 2012.

Panarea Digital was founded on the premise that the widespread distribution of mobile technology would be implemented in the school environment. We are thrilled and excited to be able to witness exactly what we had hoped for.


Quino y Panarea Digital se complacen en anunciar el lanzamiento tan esperado de la aplicación de Mafalda para iPad. Este

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