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  • Esmeralda Belén
    Esmeralda Belén 4 years old

    "I love to draw and make the turtle purple - that's my favorite color!"

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    Joaquín Alvarez 8 years old

    "I never thought I would spend so much time reading a science book."

Federico Mesplet

"Unbeatable app to read RSS.  Flipboard may look nicer but this app is all about productivity. You can read tons of rss in 5 min. Right to the point."

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Federico Mesplet 35 years old Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ebooks in students’ lives

Posted by Rosario on 9th April 2012

Since students spend a lot of their time online and using mobile devices, why not study and read in this way, too? carried out a survey that takes a look at students using eText

Tablets in public schools in the Northeast of Brazil

Authorities launch the project in Pernambuco At least three Brazilian universities adopted the use of tablets in classrooms in 2011. Unsurprisingly, various private high schools in Brazil did as well. One of these schools, located

The role of pricing in the e-textbook market

This is an interesting article from Wired about the state of e-textbooks, its infant state of development, and their extremely high prices. According to the report, “almost three-quarters of students (73%) say they wouldn’t be