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IPhone Mom: Green is verde

Posted by Carlos on 13th October 2011

Green is Verde is also known as “El Libro Verde, The Green Book.” It’s a simple, delightfully illustrated book that incorporates the Spanish and English words for several animals and of course the color green. It’s a great way for children to pick up new vocabulary in a fun way. The animals perform simple animations that are triggered when the narrator finishes a page or when the reader taps the screen. There are three reading modes to the story: Read to Me, Read By Myself and Auto Play. In addition to the story children will find a coloring game. They can color in black and white versions of the illustrations using a variety of colors or paintbrush sizes. There are also three patterns that can be used instead of colors. Those were fun. Three stamps are included if your child would like to add simple shapes to the picture. If they’re looking for a blank canvas to create their own picture then that is available as well.

I enjoyed the simplicity and charm of El Libro Verde. Reading it gave me a chance to brush up on my high school Spanish and some long forgotten vocabulary. The book and coloring pages would be just right for preschoolers.

*This is an iPad only app.

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