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Guía Diabetes looks forward to helping children

Posted by Rosario on 23rd March 2012

Source: La Nación

Many applications for mobile devices have been developed to help professionals in all areas to save time and improve their daily work. Many others help kids learn in a fun and interesting way.

Our “Guía Diabetes – Cómo manejar la diabetes tipo 1” aims to acheive both things. It has been developed with the medical advice of doctor Carmen Mazzait from the Garrahan Hospital with the aim of helping children with diabetes to understand and cope with the disease in a fun and simple way. It’s easier for doctors to speak with children and their parents and explain how this disease operates while patients learn how to take care of their bodies and lead a normal life.

Check out this article in La Nación online which mentions Guía Diabetes. It’s about mobile apps that have been developed for the health and medical sector, mostly to help doctors with their routines with patients.


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