Ebooks in students’ lives

Posted by Rosario on 9th April 2012

Since students spend a lot of their time online and using mobile devices, why not study and read in this way, too? carried out a survey that takes a look at students using eText books. It shows some interesting results!

First of all, almost every student owns a mobile device nowadays and 78% of them believe that it would not be possible to study without technology. When asked why they like eBooks, this is what they said:

The lower price is what attracts students the most, as there are plenty of things they have to purchase in order to attend school or college. Instant access and portability are strong reasons, too, considering that the purpose of mobile devices is not only making activities interactive but also carrying less weight.

Students had to choose the feature they liked the most about eBooks. The Search feature was by far the favourite! Highlighting also got a good amount of votes, maybe because these are two things we sometimes need to do to improve our performance when studying and cannot do with traditional books.

The matter of time also came up, with students having to count how many hours they were saving by using eBooks. Although some of the students do not save any time when studying in this way, others could save between 1 and 3 hours of time.

Where do students access their eBooks, considering that it’s important for them to have them anywhere? Most students access them on their laptops, but others use tablets or a desktop computer as well.

Finally, students were asked if they would buy an eText book next semester. They were enthusiastic about the idea, with 55% of them considering the possibility, depending on the class, and 38% ensuring they would do so.

All in all, having a look at this study, it can’t be denied that technology is increasingly part of adolescents’ everyday life.








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