E-book trends in Brazil – an infographic

Posted by Carlos on 23rd September 2011

Brazilians are reading more than ever. Currently, the average Brazilian reads 4.7 books per year, according to Instituto Pró-livro. 10 years ago, this number was approximately 1.8. This represents an increase of over 200%.

In fact, Brazil is the largest book buyer in the world (the Department of Education spent more than US$ 500 million purchasing textbooks); however, the general population still reads less than the Argentineans, Chileans or Colombians.

All of this data refers to books in print. We were curious: what are the e-book trends in a country that has more cell phones than inhabitants and where more than 20% of population is accessing the Internet?

We asked the 45 largest Brazilian publishers about the state of e-books at the XV Rio Book Fair: current publications, target audience, future plans, etc. Our focus was on genuine e-books that can be read on tablets. We excluded printed books that incorporated other digital features outside of the tablet, such as videos or web games.

The results generated an infographic with interesting data. Take a look:

In October, Panarea’s co-CEO Guido Kovalskys will address the educational digital book market in Latin America, at the 29th edition of Liber, the International Book Fair in Madrid. Also, Emiliano Abramzon, our USA Country Manager & Partner, will do a lecture on children’s publishing and new players in the digital market, at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Both events represent a good opportunity to discuss and share ideas on what’s happening with e-books outside USA. As we could perceive in Brazil, this story is just beginning.


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