Digital Book International Congress

Posted by Carlos on 2nd August 2011

Last week, São Paulo held the II CBL Digital Book International Congress. Among the speakers was Bob Stein, from The Institute for the Future of the Book. We were there, and here are some insights we can share with you.

Bob Stein quote Marshall McLuhan on how technology has a significant and determining effect on how humans organize their societies and how they express ideas and communicate with each other. Stein, with his profound experience on publishing market, also addressed how technologies may change the until-now-solitary activities of writing and reading: “digital networks provide the basis for us to discard the shackles of individualism (…) and move toward a society based on collaboration”.

Riccardo Cavallero, the General Manager of the Mondadori Group ‘ s Trade Books Division, talked about the editor’s new role. The digitalization wave has been changing the publishing industry and, according to Cavallero, “new players without traditional infrastructure have a clear advantage and will shake the market, even they will not survive”.

Founder, president and publisher of Sourcebooks, Dominique Raccah explained about consumer behavior. According to Book Industry Study Group, the three main reasons why consumers purchase e-books instead of print books are affordability, easy to download and readability. She closed her speech with an inspired quote.


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