The Panarea Digital HTML5 e-Reader provides rich interactive e-Book content that works directly in a modern web browser. In recent years, HTML5 has become one of the most sought-after technologies for deliver end-user content, and at this point the technology is strong enough to create a great user experience delivered in a well-built application.


With the Panarea Digital e-Reader students, teachers, and e-book enthusiasts can enjoy a complete multimedia experience with text, images, audio, video, animations, and several interactive features such as bookmarks, note-taking, or games.

Currently we have implemented more than 300 titles, and the library is continuing to grow.



•Text and Image-based e-books.

•Full multimedia experience with audio, video, synchronized text highlight, animations.

•Interactive tools: alternative audio modes, notes, search, zoom, bookmarks and more!

•More than 15 different activities, including: Quizzes, Drag & Drop, Fill in the blanks, Puzzles, Catch & Pop and more!

•Reports tracking student activity

•Customizable library based on user sign-in priveleges

•Server-side backend control of registered users and libraries.

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This content is available for Pc/Mac/Linux, browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari.