Discovering Vermeer


“Discovering Vermeer” is the first in a series of interactive books for young children produced by Panarea Digital and Laberinto de las Artes. In the “Discovering…” collection notable works of art are brought to life with a narrated story, encouraging young children to look closer at the artist’s portrayal.

Paintings zoom in and out of view on every page to engage readers; story words highlight as they are read. In addition, readers can drag and drop puzzle pieces back together for three different paintings in the activity at the end of the book.

The “Discovering Vermeer” book, “Have you learned?” focuses on a young girl called Reykya who lives surrounded by luxury and comfort. She has expensive dresses, beautiful jewelry, servants and tutors who are constantly attentive to her needs; but she seems not to be aware of how lucky she is. One day something changes in her life… This is the story of a girl who “learned”.

There are two different options for reading the story with the Panarea Digital e-Reader:

• Read Aloud (readers turn the page to progress while the story is ready aloud)
• Autoplay (the app does all the work – sit back and relax!)

• Audio narration in English – text highlights as each word plays.
• Paintings that zoom in when touched and during story playback.
• Interactive menu for jumping to favorite story spreads.
• Puzzle activity where paintings can be assembled and disassembled as often as the reader wishes.


This content is available for iPad.