Tablets in public schools in the Northeast of Brazil

Posted by Rosario on 14th December 2011

Authorities launch the project in Pernambuco At least three Brazilian universities adopted the use of tablets in classrooms in 2011. Unsurprisingly, various private high schools in Brazil did as well. One of these schools, located in Brasilia, went as far as to add tablets to the list of mandatory student materials for 2012. The government [...]

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Let’s talk about babies and tablets

Posted by Carlos on 31st October 2011

Videos of babies and toddlers playing with iPads are always curious to watch: how do they interact with these high tech devices? In fact, tablet devices have a lot to offer to younger users. Besides keeping them entertained, tablets are full of fun, educational activities. What could be better? For people like us who are [...]

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Kindle Fire at USD 199. What does it mean?

Posted by Carlos on 30th September 2011

Big news this week, huh? We are convinced that Amazon’s announcement of the US$ 199 Kindle Fire Tablet is a major milestone for the mobile industry. The combination of a tablet device which costs 60% (!!!!) cheaper than its main rival, supported by  the strongest cloud-services offering that any company can deliver, not only represent [...]


E-book trends in Brazil – an infographic

Posted by Carlos on 23rd September 2011

Brazilians are reading more than ever. Currently, the average Brazilian reads 4.7 books per year, according to Instituto Pró-livro. 10 years ago, this number was approximately 1.8. This represents an increase of over 200%. In fact, Brazil is the largest book buyer in the world (the Department of Education spent more than US$ 500 million [...]


Books and tablets in Rio

Posted by Carlos on 13th September 2011

Last sunday, September 11th, it was the last day of the XV Rio Book Fair. During 11 days, 670 thousand people went there to read and buy books, to share and hear opinions on the publishing market. We were there also, and we could perceive how the reading habits are growing in Brazil. Year after [...]

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New iPad Ad: The device in education

Posted by Carlos on 2nd September 2011

We were happy to see this new Apple iPad2 ad, wich focuses 100% on the education potential of the device. At Panarea Digital we talk daily to schools, universities, teachers, publishers and developers from several countries, and we are absolutely sure that the iPad and other tablets will have a deep impact in the educational [...]

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Rio Book Fair

Posted by Carlos on 30th August 2011

One of the most famous cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro will held its XV Book Fair, from September 1st to 11th. And we, of course, are going to be there. Rio Book Fair started in 1983, in the pompous hotel Copacabana Palace. Since then, important and famous writers and great personalities from the [...]

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We, proudly speakers at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Posted by Carlos on 23rd August 2011

Emiliano Abramzon, our USA Country Manager & Partner, will address children’s publishing on Frankfurt Book Fair. With his experience on the field, Emiliano will speak about the evolution of “traditional children’s publishing and new players in the digital market”. Who are these new players, and what impact will their products have on the established children’s [...]

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Uruguay, India and South Korea: different approaches, same goal

Posted by Carlos on 12th July 2011

In 2008, Uruguay was the first country in the world to provide one laptop to every primary-school student as part of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project. The project successfully distributed 395,000 laptops to 2332 public schools in the country.  The OLPC mission is to empower the world’s poorest children through education by providing [...]

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Good news

Posted by Carlos on 14th June 2011

According to Agência Brasil report, reading habits grew up among Brazilian children. It’s something to be celebrated, as are various benefits that a book brings to human being. According to a survey released by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL), the total of 12 000 new titles launched in the country in 2010, about 2500 were [...]

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