Books and tablets in Rio

Posted by Carlos on 13th September 2011

Last sunday, September 11th, it was the last day of the XV Rio Book Fair. During 11 days, 670 thousand people went there to read and buy books, to share and hear opinions on the publishing market.

We were there also, and we could perceive how the reading habits are growing in Brazil. Year after year, it’s notable the numbers of how much the Brazilians are buying and reading more. The authors are treated as celebrities – more than 800 national and foreigner writers attended the event.

In regard the digital book, the president Dilma Rousseff and the Brazilian Minister of Education, Fernando Haddad, made headlines when they exposed their plans to insert tablets in public schools. In the first day of the fair, Mr. Haddad said that MEC (Department of Education and Culture) plans to do an announcement this year to buy hundreds of thousands of tablets; so, in 2012, there would be a reasonable scale in the distribution of tablets.

President Dilma Rousseff and the Brazilian Minister of Education, Fernando Haddad

“We are investing in educational digital content. In the past months, we’ve had invested more than R$ 70 million (approximately US$ 35 million) in production of digital content”, said Mr. Haddad.

So, it’s no wonder that we came to São Paulo this year. As we bet Brazil has a lot to offer to us, we  have good projects to develop here too.


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