The role of pricing in the e-textbook market

Posted by Carlos on 25th November 2011

This is an interesting article from Wired about the state of e-textbooks, its infant state of development, and their extremely high prices. According to the report, “almost three-quarters of students (73%) say they wouldn’t be able to study without some type of digital technology”. Despite this, the prices do not go along with students’ interests [...]

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Panarea at Google Plus

Posted by Carlos on 22nd November 2011

As a startup company, we like to embrace technology as soon as we can and as best as we can. Here, at Panarea, all workers are encouraged to do the same. This week, Panarea Digital is also at Google Plus. There, we’re going to share company news, videos and cool information. You can follow us [...]

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Storytelling with iPads

Posted by Rosario on 4th November 2011

Fairytales have always enchanted children. Add a storyteller to these stories full of dragons, princesses and frogs and they will bring the story to life with music and color. Imagine it with iPads. Beyond adding the presence of a storyteller, you can interact, change, and participate. Panarea Digital, partnered with Livraria Saraiva, promoted the first [...]

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Quino y Panarea Digital se complacen en anunciar el lanzamiento tan esperado de la aplicación de Mafalda para iPad. Este

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