Social Networks Connect Writers and Readers

Posted by Carlos on 21st July 2011

Do you use social networks or online communities to share reading experiences, your favorite books or get reading recommendations? Literary social networks offer writers and readers with opportunities to connect. These networks also provide an information and sharing resource for readers to share book insights, book recommendations and join virtual book clubs. These websites are [...]

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Self-publisher authors: social networks and platforms

Posted by Carlos on 19th July 2011

Sci-Fi and Fantasy author Stephen Hunt conducted a poll on his social network pages to find out how his readers consume his books. The results showed 54% buy e-books from the Kindle store, 39% buy e-books directly from the publisher and 25% bought from the author. The report, published on, also shows that “19% [...]

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Uruguay, India and South Korea: different approaches, same goal

Posted by Carlos on 12th July 2011

In 2008, Uruguay was the first country in the world to provide one laptop to every primary-school student as part of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project. The project successfully distributed 395,000 laptops to 2332 public schools in the country.  The OLPC mission is to empower the world’s poorest children through education by providing [...]

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Google and the digitalization of Harvard collection

Posted by Carlos on 7th July 2011

Today, officially started the 2011 Paraty International Literary Festival, known as “Flip“.  The event began in 2003 in Paraty, a historical city in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Flip is known to bring together interesting debates and famous guests from both Brazil and countries outside of South America. Throughout its five-day duration, Flip holds [...]

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Social networks and mobile devices: the perfect match

Posted by Carlos on 5th July 2011

Google recently launched Google+ to compete with other social networking services and tools. Industry reports state time spent on mobile applications has surpassed web browsing and Net Market Share reports that the iPad has 0.92% share of all browsing. According to TriadPS, 85% of Brazilians spend their time on social networks during working hours. Social [...]

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Quino y Panarea Digital se complacen en anunciar el lanzamiento tan esperado de la aplicación de Mafalda para iPad. Este

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